Rap Club – Tegler Is Heat

On 118 Avenue all the way down on 38 street where Beverly meets Abbotsfield there is a youth center called Tegler. Tons of teenagers from all walks of life would come there on Saturday’s for something called Rap Club run by Mikey Maybe, Jonek, and The Joe. The kids called it Rap Club so we called it Rap Club. After two years of making songs every week, we compiled a lot of songs. Some of these kids will blow you away with their natural skill. Those of them without this natural skill are almost more entertaining in their individuality (listen carefully for Young Lucky—my personal favorite). One of the most notable scions of these incredible sessions are The Over Achievers (TOA), composed of three brothers who started their recording career down at Tegler; Muta, Osman aka Ozzy, and Mustafa aka Moto were always excellent additions to each track (See “Friday Night”). Also listen for Dakwon aka Dweezy and Kuriny aka Young Striker aka Kool-Aid who will both most likely grow up to be important rappers around this city. This stuff is gloriously spontaneous, flawed, and timeless for those involved. Perhaps you can unearth some of the real gem moments for yourself. Jonek, Mikey Maybe, and I (The Joe) will all testify that some of our most magical discoveries as rappers happened in these chaotic evenings. Un un chuh, so uckgly!

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