Jessica Jalbert – Brother Loyola

Jessica Jalbert’s debut full length, Brother Loyola, has been a long time coming. Over the last four years I have seen her go from performing in little tea houses alone with her guitar to playing festivals with an entourage of rock and roll geniuses who could produce a swell of electric hum to rival Eric’s Trip. Her new record, produced by Rene Wilson (Sugarglider / The Subatomics), runs the course of her own evolution with soft gems like “Necromancy” and “Aubrey de Grey” on one end of the spectrum and “Paris Green” and “O Evening Colours” on the other. Her acceptance of mortality draws on a philosophic stoicism married with a naturalist asceticism that is difficult to argue with. It has an invitational effect on the listener, welcoming them into thoughts of submission and relinquishment. What’s more, the constantly pleasing production choices from song to song differ widely so as never to lose one’s attention. Perhaps most interesting is the way Jalbert’s angel soft voice can pierce through even the most dark and pervasive drum rumblings and guitar reverberations. My lovely readers, don’t sleep on this. The album is available now from bandcamp on 12″ and CD. It cannot go without mentioning that a large cast of talented OLD UGLY artists play on the record, specifically Liam Trimble, Doug Hoyer, and Rene “Sugarglider” Wilson. The release show is this Friday at Wunderbar ===> event details here. Also, check out the new video for “Paris Green” below, produced and directed by Mike Robertson. It’s a doozy.

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