Born Gold – Lawn Knives (Video)

Yesterday a new form of ammunition was inserted into the zeitgeist canon of our generation. Born Gold (Formally the incantation friendly Gobble Gobble) released, via TEAM INTERNET, the first official Born Gold music video. Enjoy an incorporeal seizure on behalf of the geniuses behind this subliminal masterpiece.

Tomorrow, Nov 3rd, Edmonton becomes imbued with the wettest day dream anyone will ever have as Born Gold arrive fresh off another leg of their colossal infinitour. The transient cacophony comes to the Artery tomorrow @ 8:00 equipped with the ghostly MPD feind Kuhrye-oo  and the Boreal Folk songstress Jessica Jalbert  fresh off her LP release of “Brother Loyola” last weekend. This night, presented by Moguls Weird Canada & Old Ugly is absolutely certain to cause booty shaking and quivering introspection. A combination that will surely bring the best out of us all.

If you haven’t picked up Born Golds new record, you can download it here, or If your just passin’ through stream it, love it, buy it, and scream it right here.

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