Caity Fisher and the Final Frontier

Last years Only the Wind rapt listeners in the tender old voice of Caity Fisher. While still highlighting a voice known for being raspy, quivering, and cathartic her new project treads on a whole new sonic planet. On “I think of love like (it doesn’t matter)” Caity brings out the sultriness of her voice in an hypnotic solemn sonnet to the rhythm of a dusty boot blues. The new aural pallet Caity develops on this album is accompanied by local experimental folk artists Jim Cumin (just off his Ep release of Sunstroke, an album everyone should own), Phil Holtby (of the mysterious folk project DoT and the grungy Catgut, the latter unfortunately unavailable online… yet), and Caitlin McCann carry her new album into the overwhelmingly pleasant world of indie rock, a true evolution Caity embodies immaculately.

Caity Fisher and the Final Frontier release this album on Nov 30th @ the Wunderbar, with the Diehatzu Hijets and the all to secret for the internet SIR MA’AM MA’AM.  This release must not be missed, Caity’s voice is so hypnotic it will just take one listen to be absorbed and seduced forever.

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