Alanna Gurr – Oh, Horsefeathers

Alanna Gurr walks that crooked line between folk and ancient country. With an earnest warmth encompassing her voice, accompanied by the most gentle of slide guitar melodies she whispers canadiana into the rolling hills of Ontario stretching ever northward. As her hand alights after each downward strum this weird settled feeling starts to wash over you, encouraging another listen and ultimately a soft chair in a warm room. On the uptempo folk-rock jam October Alanna plays with the cracks in her voice causing the aural temperature to drop, employing us to grab the nearest lover and begin confessing the love locked in the warmest of hearts.  Through the title track Oh, Horsefeathers, she showcases  her creation of pure Canadiana which ought to be heard first on a river bank, under the cool spring sun, at that unreal hour between dusk and sunset.

Alanna Gurr’s wayfaring voice is coming to Edmonton some time in the spring, ideally to Wunderbar. Until then, to the benefit of your mental health, come get rapt in the celestial aural jet stream that is Alanna Gurr.

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