Mac Demarco – Rock and Roll Night Club

The dream-surf tomfoolery of Mac Demarco, aka Makeout Videotape, is apparently considered by its progenitor to be a joke upon his main audience: a means of “tricking hipsters into digging blues rock.” I only mention this because I find it interesting to think of such great pop songs, such as those on the Ying Yang album, which I have a sincere personal connection to, being conceived through insincere motives. With this EP, I was instantly more suspicious, wary of being “duped” again, and I tried to keep these songs at arm’s length. But try as I might, even with the knowledge that, very likely, these songs were also made in the spirit of complete apathetic irony (witness Exhibit A above), these songs somehow manage to infiltrate my musical defenses. The steady grooves and warbling, rubbery lead guitars combine to make, as always, irresistible pop rock mini-anthems. Even a title/repeating lyric like “Baby’s Wearin Blue Jeans,” sung in an obviously fake “funny voice”, dripping with ironic 80’s masculine faux-sex, refuses to dislodge itself from the back of the brain’s musical cortex. You too will soon be shower-crooning to yourself, “Rock n’ roll night cluuub…” before you leave the house on one of your youthful excursions…

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