Loom – Epyllion

Toronto’s Brooke Manning aka Loom was playing in Edmonton back in September at Leva Cafe (alongside the breath-taking Thom Gill aka THOMAS) and she was lovely. Unfortunately her new record, Epyllion, arrived without this blog’s immediate attention, but better a late post than no post. This record is worth your attention if not just for the six minute journey that is “WHOLESOME,” a glorious guitar tromp expertly produced by the man Sandro Perri himself. Loom’s air-light voice croons dryly “You can use my body and have my mind / but I can’t lend them at the same time…” From there the poet relates the complexities of her own sexual, emotional, and intellectual interactions. Insomuch as she communicates her thoughts through her lingering whisps of smokey lyrics the composition choices convey the building blood pressure of her sentiments. The entire record carries a very spiritual tone, a pilgrimage of the soul. There is a hefty catharsis woven throughout the entire album that, for me, most conveys the worth of Manning’s artistic contributions to the musical conversation as it is now happening.

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