Twin Peaks – Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies

Twin Peaks are a duo comprised of Ghettosocks and Muneshine, two talented Canadian backpack rappers who will be in Edmonton on Thursday for the Maple Sizzurp Rap Fest! Their new record is one of those classy duo rap records where the pass offs are always imbued with the vibe of two parents yelling at you. Take for example Camp Lo or Outkast. You get this impression that two people agree and each of them have a claim to one of your ears. Back and forth they tell you whatever they want in that strange self assured neo-agressive manner that you can argue is the ultimate strength of rap as a genre. The only thing better than listening to records like this is seeing them done live. Come get hemmed in by Muneshine and Ghettosocks’ persuasive flows this Thursday at Wunderbar! It’s only 10 bucks for 7 of the coolest rappers in Canada. Starts promptly at 8:30pm. Don’t miss it!

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