Mantrakid – MissyKid

Mantrakid has been kicking ass as a rapper and producer for a very long time. Let’s not forget to mention he runs Neferiu, the most prolific rap label in Western Canada. This new offering from the kid, a 10 track ep of his custom remixes of Missy Elliot classics was a guaranteed banger before I pressed play. And I was not disappointed. His croaky bass tones and shuffling drum sculptures add a whole new dimension to the already funky as fuck Missy Elliot, eternal empress of the club banger. I personally find his beats have a wild urgency to them like a natural auditory exhortation to sweat immediately. He really couldn’t have picked a better artist to remix if he was planning on utilizing this particular production style. I would love to hear what he would do with Luda. This is ep is the bomb. So yeah, in Missy’s words: WHEN YOU HEAR THE SOUND HOOOODY HOOOO!!! RUN FOR COVER MOTHAFUCKA!

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