Tearjerker – Rare

So just before the anti-climactic beginning to what supposedly is the last year of all human consciousness, Toronto shoegazers Tearjerker unveiled there newest release Rare. On a walk I recently took down the trails of Glenora, I couldn’t help but let this album play repeatedly as the more and more decrepit paths I found began to be insurmountable. Tearjerker opens the album with the pop fuzz-orgy “Down”, truly a song that is better heard in a heap of sweat in some basement bar, however its suites well a sunrise on a riverbank. The title track “Rare” is one of those quivering ballads, epic and opaque, more or less obliges you to sit and ponder. The album goes on delivering chiming fuzz folk ballads, the highlights being “Word” and “Focus”. Yet, the closer “Solid Morning” nearly had me winded after a short listen. A perfect composition of melody and patience, or maybe its the slide guitar, it always seems to get me. After the first listen I had a short (or at least it felt short) repeat session continuously playing this gemstone, possibly wrapping up around the fifth or sixth listen I think. Refined, and adequately admired, it is almost impossible to not sink into a moment, and let these waves massage your eardrums.   Fortunately this album is offered in a Pay-what-you-want type deal, so for those sap suckled students incapable to purchase even a cup of coffee, you can now afford a short listen.

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