King Vulture – Dead Around Vegas

The determination and domination of Maxwell Vautour to his new King Vulture project is staggering. I am covered head to toe in noise abrasions from this misanthropic mega kill. The album’s title, Dead Around Vegas, perfectly captures the extra-worldly and slovenly flesh-centric audio machinations Vautour has crafted here, maintaining just enough musicality to ensure the recording’s are human enough to still be listened to. The staunchiest track is most certainly “Bella In The Wych Elm,” which I cannot at all listen to for my own personal aversion to that particular style of blues rock but the record is otherwise unerring in my opinion. The addition of M. Peterman on guitar to the project gives some of the songs a cracked out M83 vibe which is most appreciated on “Ana” and “It’s Not Racist, It’s Just Offensive.” I hope the entire world comes into contact with this music for the sake of some nihilistic therapeutic agenda. Speaking of behalf of this blog, we cannot wait to see what King Vulture tears the guts out of next.

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