Mitchmatic – It’s Probably Raining

The multi-instrumentalist live performer extrordinaire, Mitchmatic, has finally dropped the long anticipated follow up to 2010’s Two Weeks Off. It’s Probably Raining is a a brief foray into some of the hits Mitch Holtby has been banging out live for the last two years. It hints at a greater taste to come. Flowing smoothly from the splendid intro to the hilarious stalker hit, “Why Don’t You Know,” the album highlights Holtby’s talent for brevity and concise rap writing. Since he started out with his 30 second jams in 2009 he has been defining the idea of exactitude in rap writing and production. With the meandering exceptions of “Sorry” and “Bad Advice,” It’s Probably Raining is another tightly knit study in succinct tight wound and highly technical hip hop sculpture. The record progresses from start to finish like a beautiful dance, each movement stressed over, cured in thought, put to the knife, and from the ore we mine solid gold.

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