The Record Holder – To Sea EP

The relatively small Southern Alberta metro of Lethbridge is known best for a secret society of very noisy cutting edge pop rock but recently, thanks to the hard work of Jesse Northey and his upstart recording company, Esper Records, the town’s been pumping out some noteworthy folk and pop of the more subdued variety. The Record Holder’s new EP is one of such variety. It comes out the gate with a rosy hook machine titled Dear Medea, highlighting the cruelty of women in greek classicism. From there the record takes a turn for a soft hued folk infused with lap steel and “speak ‘n sing” style lyricism. Though “Dear Medea” initially demands the lion’s share of attention, repeated listens give the cake to “Morning Gloom” and “To Sea,” folk songs that go down as smooth and sweet as a folk song, layered in gently recorded intricacies and mixed for generous consumption. It must also be said that lyrically, this band avoids several pitfalls that plague most folk artist’s debut recordings. The content remains interesting and thought provoking, clearly penned by an intelligent individual. The down home vocal style is also deliciously up front and uncloaked in reverb, inadequacies left to be endearing and vulnerable. Enjoy!

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