Coyote – Fossils (Single)

Coyote tip-toes out of the candescent Prince Edward Island. I had the absolute pleasure of stumbling upon these magical boys while psuedo-stranded on the Island. Putting on a face of complete love and joy, they welcomed me with arms wider then i’ve ever known. Sometimes still, I dream of these gents, guiding me though the cozy corridors of Charlottetown, telling me stories of summer-side and east coast girls. The Release their first album, Tracks, has been a long time coming and i can honestly say i have never been more excited for them. Opening for bands like Born gold, Library Voices, TWRP has surely imbued them with the wayfaring joy of touring. Like much other East Coast musicians, I hastily await them to leave some Tracks on these prairies. The Release date is March 6th at some wunderful place on the island, far far far away from this tundra soul, however, thanks to the sub-world of the internet, it shall be available everywhere. A sneak peek of their new single “Fossils” is now stream-able, and soon, everywhere, gyrate-able.

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