The Utilities – Flint (preview)

From the Esper Records goldmine in Lethbridge, Alta, comes The Utilities, and what a fitting name it is, too. It gives the impression of something humble, of bare minimalism, of rejecting extravagance. These two songs are a preview of an upcoming album, and I look forward to it eagerly. On “Your Complex”, the vocal timbre brings me back to Band of Horses and their endearing near-Southern, near-whining quality. And what seems like a standard acoustic pattern gives way to a spoken word breakdown that–like Sonic Youth–can’t help but catch one’s attention in its discomforting directness. On “June 30 2011”, the band gives way to a celebration of 90’s indie rock, not completely dissimilar to the likes of Shotgun Jimmie. If these two tracks are any indication, then we’re in for a treat when this thing drops in April. Mark your calendars, folks.


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