Steve Gates – A Bee In Her Mouth

You can always count on the Maritimes for some of the best revival country folk in Canada. Steve Gates is case and point. His new full length, A Bee In Her Mouth, is a bumpy trek through the rough hewn paths of the folk tradition. The velvet soft texture of Steve Gates voice has an undeniably therapeutic quality. Invested with natural imagery and personal resolve, songs like “Lost Balloons” shuffles the listener through the complexities of romance. Producer John Critchley (Elliot Brood, Dan Mangan) did a lovely job of weaving together the many layers he and Gates have incorporated without making a muddled mess of it. Unfortunately for you, dearest reader, many of my favourite songs on this new record are not currently streaming. If you like what you can hear, I would suggest purchasing the record to hear songs like “Keeping People Out”, “Hello Jesus”, and the title track. And while we are on the subject, Steve Gates will be making his way to Edmonton for March 15th at Wunderbar! Don’t miss him.

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