Ghibli – 2011

Thomas Michael aka Ghibli’s 2011 compilation of the massive amount of artillery he banged out last year is a testament to his dedication to his constantly evolving form. About eight months ago Ghibli took a sharp turn for the dance floor. The relentless pace of 2011 illustrates the kind of dancing Ghibli imagines: the limbless outer-body experience you receive after hours of dancing when nothing matters anymore. Akin to the runner’s high, this dancer’s high is a complete trip that is not so aesthetically different from his past material as both Ghibli and Jaded Hipster Choir. Come slake your desperate need for bodily motion tonight at Wunderbar as the man Thomas Michael has recruited a whole tribe of outer-body practitioners such as Martyrs, Taiwan, Mikey Maybe, and DJ Generic for a big fundraiser to send him to SXSW. There will be sweat and tears of joy. Admission by Donation. 8 sharp. Wunderbar. Info.

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