Single Mothers – S/T

Single Mothers are a London, Ontario based punk band par excellence! With a strange dichotomy of rage and ennui, Single Mothers wax poetic their restlessness, their generation, their lot. Lyrically, Single Mothers cannot be questioned. On “Hell (Is My Backup Plan)” Single Mothers chant “All the girls at this party / are into drama and ginsberg and lemon lime bacardi! / They’re into Arcade Fire / and trying to get to know everybody!” and “All we want and need / is someone out there with a bit of integrity / cause Heaven sounds like it would be boring / for guys like you and me!… Don’t you think?” Followed by a naval gazing acoustic break down. These guys are champions. And what with all those classic emo post punk bands getting it back together, the hour belongs to these guys. We wish you love and happiness you Single Mothers!

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