Great Aunt Ida – Nuclearize Me

Here’s a record I’ve been playing on the show for well over a month! Great Aunt Ida has put out quite a few records already. Nuclearize Me is very likely a personal best for Ida Nilson. It is delicate, simple, and constantly evocative of a persistent hope. Simplicity is perhaps a misnomer. It is the strength of the production here to incorporate layer after layer without burdening Nilson’s fragile voice and its generous sincerity. These songs are unabashedly indie pop. They are something of a holdover from a genre that was constantly lauded and imitated in the first half of the 2000’s—that whole scene that stretched from the K Records to the Belle & Sebastien indie pop sound that Ida Nilson was very much a part of (she even sang on a P:ano record!). This is in no small part powered by the magnificent contributions of Canadian vets Tim Vesely (Rheostatics, Violet Archers), Jesse Zubot, Ford Pier, Dave Draves, and Barry Mirochnick. I am glad they are keeping the torch burning for one of my favourite genres. This record is the genuine article. If you would like to buy the album you can find it here.

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