Jim Cuming & The Rising of the Moon – The Rising of the Moon

Jim Cuming’s long anticipated Irish folk album will hit the streets on St. Patrick’s Day at Wunderbar (event here) but it hit the broadband yesterday so we’d have ample time to learn the words! The album co-opts the boundless talents of none less than Liam Trimble, Doug Hoyer, Mary Wood, Maureen Murray, Brody Irvine, Nick Dehod, and Paul MacLean. The Rising of the Moon starts in classic Jom Comyn fashion with a slow perfectly paced croon on ‘The Call’. From there it dives off the deep end into Ire! Cuming navigates the canon like an alternating current, shifting between beautiful & pensive and drunken & fraternizing. The album features so many highlights but I will try and pinpoint a few specifically: The hilarious ‘Seven Drunken Nights’, the harp laden ‘Spancil Hill’, and the eponymous ‘Rising of the Moon’ constantly grab my attention. I never thought I would so enjoy Irish folk music. These gems fondly remind me of my Grandpa Gary. Thanks, Jim.

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