Jordan Klassen – Kindness EP

Pop folk has a propensity to go horribly wrong. There is nothing worse than making yourself vulnerable enough to listen to a folk pop record and then have it take a sharp turn for the Jack Johnson. Jordan Klassen expertly avoids this precipice. With countless dimensions and expert composition, Klassen weaves his joyful poems into a quilt of kindness and goodwill towards mankind. How fitting then, that the EP should be called Kindness. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Klassen in person and he drinks his own punch on this one. And this really is the type of music you would think someone of such good stock as Klassen would create. The opening ukelele gem, ‘Go To Me’, is reminiscent of his Eastern Canadian counter part (in my opinion), Pat Lepoidevin. The album closer, a Teen Daze remix of Klassen’s ‘Ask Me Not, Astronaut’, is gorgeously infused with dance sensibility without at all suppressing the fragility of the song. Well done, good sirs! Jordan Klassen returns to Edmonton on Monday, April 23rd at the Wunderbar with Boreal Sons and Andy Shauf so mark that on your calendar!

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