James Lamb – Imagineering

James Lamb’s Imagineering goes down like warm soup on a cold day. Calculated, expertly paced, and infused with the almost human voice of perfectly placed strings, the record is a smooth drive through the wooded wild of Canada. After the slow soft ‘Narrow Valley’ opens the gates we arrive at the outstanding ‘Blueberry Paulson’, complete with lap steel and organ like ultraviolet light. From there the record just keeps swinging. I’ve listened to it about ten times now and I still haven’t found a favourite. I wish you better luck than I! James Lamb will be in Edmonton at Wunderbar on April 15th with the Tchir brothers, Liam Trimble, and Winnipeg’s Cheering for the Bad Guy. Don’t miss it! P.S. I think it is worth mentioning that Sandro Perri, an Argue Job favourite, mastered this pristine record.

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