Reuben Bullock – Man Made Lakes

Calgary’s Reuben Bullock is at it again! His all new record, Man Made Lakes, is gorgeously back lit by something like starry “candles burning in the skies.” Bullock has graced the terra firma with another weighty collection of songs as dazzling and diverse as a spectrum of light seen through a twirling prism. My favourite track is most certainly the beleaguered twang of the album’s centerpiece, ‘Country Roads’, but that is not to discount the brooding twinkle of ‘Burial’ or the vulnerability of ‘Pray For You’. And it must be mentioned that producer Lorrie Matherson’s golden touch has proven itself true yet again. Reuben Bullock is in fact returning to Edmonton on May 18th with his new record in hand and with another Calgary outfit that’s been making a splash, The Mountaineer, at the all new Elevation Room. Mark it on your calendar! It is sure to be a gem.

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