The Cable-knits – Twins

Calgary’s Cable-knits explode from earbuds like a lo-fi avalanche of quasi-surf, quasi-punk, quasi-garage, and a lot of other strains of modern rock and roll that have been arranged and rearranged with aplomb in recent years. What makes Twins stand out to me is its attitude. Unlike many of their sonic contemporaries who seem to thrive in a fog of existential hipster angst, the Cable-knits strike a decidedly more upbeat and exuberant chord, even if I can’t tell exactly what the subject matter of the lyrics are through all the fuzz. What I can hear–very clearly  indeed–is that these songs put a skip in one’s step, a tap in one’s toes, and a ringing in one’s ears. If Animal Collective were forced to abandon their electronics–god forbid–and simply play rock music, and to tone down the quirky vocal noises a bit, it may not sound entirely different from this EP of what I’m tempted to call sunshine-grunge or some equally silly label. Call it what you will, it’s a great way to spend 20 minutes.

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