Little Chords – Afterlife

I have followed Jon Baerg since before that was his pen name. Since 2007 I have listened to his work as Two Bicycles, The Tremulance, Teen Daze, and now as Little Chords; Argue Job is and has been a fan. Little Chords is something of a new trajectory but it is still imbued with the signature glow of Baerg’s work. A lot more glimmering and guitar focused, Baerg’s dreamy take on pop writing is a joyful addition to his canon. He has always been an exceptional writer for guitar but those complexities were often obscured in complex reverbs and delays. Afterlife finally brings those abilities into the spotlight with jams like ‘Always/Never’. Little Chords is far more generous to Baerg’s lyrical content as well, allowing for more enunciation without forfeiting his signature washes. The result is a record that goes back as smoothly as a cup of cool water in golden light. Don’t sleep:

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