Walter TV – Appetite

Walter TV is a Montréal via Vancouver psychedelic pop outfit, with a strong “effection” for and mastery of heavy Planet Caravan style U-Vibe vocal EFX and digi-delay. Though the band’s main-stayers Peirce and Joe have recently found themselves backing up the ever-elevating Mac Demarco, they still managed to find the time to put together an album. In small clubs with sleeping sound men and Beringer boards, the “effectiveness” of the band’s experiments are often lost, not to leave out drywall reflections and drunkenness, (and I’ve seen them several times). However, owing to the nature of the studio (even if your studio is more of a shit-shack), otherwise harsh elements can be reigned in and presented perfectly, and Walter was able to do that here.

The collection covers a fair amount of musical ground, ranging from the Amen Dunes-esque, delay guitar arpeggiated-psych, into more hard hitting indie rock rompers, a few slow stingers, all with stand-out, weirdo pop hooks and the signature underwater vocalizations. For those who tend to tread the tightrope that lies between the totally accessible and the totally avant-garde, this album will definitely suit your Appetite.

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