Heart Failure Research Unit – Mt. Hope

Dustin Anderson’s Heart Failure Research Unit brings us another record of inimitable control and beauty. Working together with wonder-producer, Lorrie Matheson, HFRU have crafted a cover to cover missive on the fragility of life. A glance at Mt. Hope‘s track titles gives you a good idea of the poetic aesthetic of this new album. Mt. Hope is something of a self aware dirge that for all its bemoaned inner-gazing cannot help but throw a redemptive light on every word it touches. It parades the songwriter’s strength in patience and compositional development, harnessing the power of his poems in the brevity and deliberation of his many fonts which slide smoothly in and out of the mix lending gravity to their subject. Another step in the right direction for the ever proliferating HFRU. See them live at The Elevation Room on May 12th with Lorrie Matheson himself and Smokey!

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