Brazilian Money – Doug Nasty

In this fifth release from our beloved Garrett Johnson, he proves that he has a knack for this thing, whatever it is. Doug Nasty starts off with what seems like a total U-turn, a sample of digital synth cheese that, after it melts into a tasty cup of “Ovaltine in the Morning”, gives us that reassuring jolt. We are safely in the hands of the Brazilian Money we know and love. Jangly guitars, counterintuitive chord progressions, slamming drums, quirky bass bits, and that characteristic mix of dry acoustic guitars and over-fuzzed electrics. Garrett has a real gift for writing pop hooks that hold together the most cacophonous messes without making it sound neither too messy nor too neat. Each of these little albums could last you five years on re-listens, but you never have to wait more than a few months. I love this fucking band.

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