The Utilities – Flint

The Utilities may be the most exciting young band in Alberta. Over two weeks ago, at Swig of Alberta, their producer, Jesse Northey, put the full length record in my hand. A day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t imbibed The Utilities in the most utilitarian fashion. Where do I begin? The youthful Joel Stretch is already a fluent songwriter, capable of tip toeing the line between folk rock and 90’s indie with inimitable ease. Flint catwalks from one composition to another, sensibly weaved by Northey’s production and cohesively bound by Stretch’s unique voice. Argue Job contributor Jammingcues has already given a glowing review to the first two singles a few weeks ago so I will keep my words few and just strongly recommend our readers buy this record. Also, come see The Utilities play live in Edmonton with Alice Kos and Amy van Keeken at The Elevation Room on May 4th!

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