Collage Party – Suki And Me

“Music & Lyrics” is a 2007 romantic comedy about a washed-up former pop star attempting to revive his career. Alex (Hugh Grant) is down on life, struggling to be content without his former glory. He is painfully overshadowed by the greater overall success of his old bandmate, Colin (Scott Porter),  whom he used to share frontman duty with in their 80’s pop group, PoP! Alex is asked to write a hit song for a rising pop star but he is unsuccessful in doing so. That’s until he realizes that Sophie, a woman who waters his plants, has talent in penning lyrics. Sophie (Drew Barrymore), a former creative writing student strained from an unsuccessful romance with her English professor, initially refuses. Alex coaxes her into helping him by using a few quickly-chosen phrases she has given him as the basis for a song. Over the next few days, they grow closer while writing the words and music together, much to the delight of Sophie’s older sister, Rhonda, a huge fan of Alex’s work.

Anyways, by the end of the film Alex gets the girl and the success while his former bandmate Colin needs to get surgery due to years of over-dancing.

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