J. Eygenraam – Cheap Talk

It is difficult to determine how much of the playfulness in J. Eygenraam’s music is intentional. Every one of the songs on his all new Cheap Talk seem delightfully self-aware. Drifting effortlessly from rock n’ roll to pop to folkie yarns, Eygenraam has a dialed versatility that gives the record a renewable freshness. The production on Cheap Talk is straight down the center, evenly delivered, affecting the most welcome sensations. This is morning coffee music, each song built in sunshine. The songwriting radiates a kind of contentment that is often missing in a large part of the music turned out by our mournful generation. The twinkle eyed trajectory of this record will be set and launched this evening at The Elevation Room alongside Liam Trimble and the Simon Hoskyn Band.  Come bask in the glow!

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