Lake Forest – Silver Skies

Toronto’s Will Whitwham makes music completely un-suggestive of the bustling metro where he resides. His cavernous folk cants drift effortlessly from light to dark, night to day. His lyrical imagery parades through the seasons and outward into the pristine untouched hinterland. Whitwham’s guitar writing is also a constant pleasure. His fluid incorporation of banjos, pianoes, and acoustic strings with effected electric elements is no new trick but his mastery of it is particularly noteworthy. Silver Skies glides in and out of consciousness so smoothly with its seamless transitions between instrumental tracks and big whispery vocal explorations. Trying to highlight an individual track for the reader’s immediate attention is not wise. This is why, over the course of the last couple months, I think I’ve played nearly every song off Silver Skies on The Ongoing Argument (CJSR, Mondays, 11-1). I recommend the record as an unpartitioned whole. Enjoy:

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