Khyber Compilation Volume II

Much like the first Khyber compilation, this second volume is by no means a complete representation of the diverse and vivid scene Halifax has cultivated, but it most certainly represents a massive chunk of the segment of the scene that many would argue is it’s most prominent export. It is a perfect glimpse into the jangle pop underbelly of Halifax, Canada’s bastion on the pop frontier. It really isn’t fair to highlight some of these jams over the others because it’s clear after a few listens that everyone involved is a forward thinking prince(ss) in their own rite. But! if forced to make specific mention of what jumped out at me most immediately I would refer to Quaker Parents, Old and Weird, Green & Darnelle, Monomyth, and Long Long Long. Give it a thorough listen for yourself and see what grabs you. This here’s a fish & chip buffet!

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