Try Harder -s/t

Hot new Kingstonian scuzz-pop. This stuff reminds me of everything I wish I listened to as a child in the 90’s. As someone who vividly remembers most of that decade, I watch this slowly, surely emerging strain of 90’s-influenced indie/garage/pop/psych/(dare I say grunge?) that seems to be materializing bit by bit, in little snatches of various songs by various artists, with rapt attention. Sometimes I’m horrified because it makes me feel old. But other times, like right now, I feel overjoyed with how much new sound is still out there to be discovered. This collection by Try Harder is a lesson in collecting influences from stuff you like and using it to craft good songs, interesting tones, energetic bursts of sounds: the detached spoken word of Sonic Youth, some of the driving drum-bass beats of early Hip, saturated muff-distortion a-la Smashing Pumpkins, and some chorus-pedalled guitar a-la the early 90’s itself. This is a good time waiting to be had, a great show waiting to be seen. And hey, if it’s possible to do this with a decade like the 90’s–the decade where music was supposed to have been dead and doomed and recycled and void of novelty–then truly anything is possible.

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