Max Prime – Spare Drool

I’ve many times been heard saying that Max Prime is the best rapper in Edmonton. By all measures of what you could call rap, Max is a 10.0, firing on all cylinders. I don’t want to go into it because the categories have strange and childish names like ‘flow’ and ‘rhyme’ but the fact remains, Max Prime is a wizard with words. This delightful little ep is a new treat for all the fans out there. I honestly don’t think Max could care less if anyone liked his music. He would be making it either way. He doesn’t play live very often but if you see him on a poster, be sure to be there. If you like to geek out on all those ‘flow’ and ‘rhyme’, etc etc, components of rap, you’ll have your mind obliterated watching him perform. Enjoy:

(It’s a terrible misfortune that this album has disappeared from bandcamp. I usually throw these posts away if the album disappears, but this record was too dope to put in the wastebin. This can be a grave stone.)

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