The Bravest Ghost – The ‘Nicotine Hymns’ Demos

The moment of satisfaction is brief; it is anticipation that extends the seconds. Perhaps that explains the lengthened effect of this EP. It clocks in at under 20 minutes, but each track is imbued with a meandering sense of development that instills the feel of a much longer journey. These demos are shadows cast by the great ideas of what they will become — blueprints of a colossus. They were recorded on tape by Zachary Lucky during a brief respite from the perpetual motion of that workhorse Saskatchewanite. Captured is the air of Grand Manan, the voices of talented friends and the intimacy of the low studio.

These tracks are the summer night, with only time for a brief take between whiskey and dancing. Look for the full length in winter, when isolation allows for introversion and perfection.

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