Travis Bretzer – Making Love

Travis Bretzer—local personality, musical savant, heedless social experimenter, and (hopefully in no time at all) international playboy—drops his highly anticipated follow up to Saucy Tasters and In Dime We Trust! ‘Making Love’ appears on Edmonton’s OLD UGLY Recording Co. with a big greasy splash. Sleazy vocals glide over shimerring layers of guitar a la supreme flanger, mega compression, tasteful delay, brilliant reverb. Lyrical examinations of our neighbors to the south, subtle homoerotic under currents, and (yes, even for Travis) early twenties existential dilemmas make for a delicious stock in this pop rock soup. If the art work (courteously provided by the bottomless talent of Evan Prosofsky) doesn’t give you a complete impression of the emotional journey you are about to go through, the album is streaming below. This will be the best twenty minutes of your week!!

(No longer on Bandcamp. Re-released by Mexican Summer!)

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