Scenic Route To Alaska – All These Years

With only one EP to their name, Scenic Route To Alaska have made an indelible impression on the Albertan scene, even playing the Edmonton Folk Fest. Their long awaited debut long player, All These Years, is ripe with the infectious and soul stirring folk pop we’ve come to love and expect from this passionate trio. The single, ‘Settle Down’, clearly stands out on the first listen, but repeated attention has drawn me more and more towards ‘Sidewalk Chalk’, ‘Losing You’, and ‘All These Years’. All in all, the record is an extremely cohesive collection of hits that could simultaneously fit  into a set on community radio or big radio all the same. Somehow SRTA churns their inner complexities of alternate tunings, advanced bass writing, and complicated drum patterns into a butter that is deceivingly simple and catchy. These boys really are the hip, sensible, hometown boys who’ve somehow evolved into a burdock on the pant leg of the mainstream. If you missed their CD release on June 1st or didn’t get tickets in time, there are still tickets left for their all ages release on June 15th. Grab’em here.

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