Field+Stream – S/T

Field+Stream have been a big name in the Edmonton scene for several years but numerous obstacles have stopped them from releasing their debut full length. The patient among us have wrung our hands worrying whether we’d see this record appear before the world ended. Fear no longer, children. F+S have come through with this expertly produced collection of songs that balance dissonance and harmony over a fulcrum of self-aware childhood cowboy & injun aesthetic. This same aesthetic is painfully mythic when taken with a cup of present day Canadian realities of booze fueled cowboys from the oil patch hinterland and poisoned waters in fourth-world reserves. Lyricist Smokey Johnson’s content on this debut similarly reflects strange ironies inherent in any coming of age tale set in a post-frontier America. From the firs,t Smokey looks back with welcome nostalgia but as the record progresses the tone darkens accordingly. Enjoy “Soccer” at your earliest convenience and enjoy the many dimensions that can be explored both lyrically and musically. It is always a fright that a record you wait so long for may be a total flop. Thank you, Field+Stream, for not letting us down.

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