Feral Children – SunSon

I’ve already said some words expressing my fervent belief in Feral Children as some new-age cult of 21st Century psychadelia–and I’m sure they’re tired of the word “psychadelia”, but I mean it sincerely and in complete disregard to any cheesy, Woodstock ’94 connotations that it may draw. The fact is that Ryan Davidson, Saskatoon’s shining star, has put out yet another amazing collection, an EP to follow up the amazing self titled full length (which I reviewed at the time). For SunSon, there seems to be less vocal effects, a bit clearer production, but maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just hearing more clearly through the amazing texture and the synesthesic colour palette that Feral Children suggests to me and appreciating Ryan’s pure talent as a great rock and roll songwriter. Also, I’ve been really appreciative of voices lately, of the unique quality inherent in a single individual’s voice, and Ryan’s voice has a remarkable tone and character, even without any reverb or delay. With every release, Feral Children solidifies their status as one of the true pillars of contemporary Canadian indie.

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