Hannah Epperson – Home Batch

This gem was quietly home-recorded and self-released almost a year ago, in August 2011. The perfect layering of instrumentation is the most striking aspect of these compositions. Loop-pedal beds of string, voice and percussion manage fullness without indulgence or over-saturation. A resounding sense of urgency finds delicate balance with the gentleness of the performances, an effect of the tension and resolution found between the album’s two voices: Epperson’s violin, and her own airy vocals. She is a wild talent, and when the violin drives the melody there is an undeniable sense of story and progression. In “Flight Goggles,” strings soar unencumbered through the air, explore with the freedom of the winged. But, in “We Will Host A Party,”  the slicing lyrics and ghostly delivery of Epperson’s vocals drive the song. It is the mastery of these two voices — the strong voice and perfect swell of “…Party,” the call-and-response arrangement of “Murder of Crows” — that make this album great. Essential listening for fans of Final Fantasy, circa He Poos Clouds.

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