Nick Everett – Rocky Top

Nick Everett is well on his way into the vanguard of the Canadian post folk vibration that has so rapt this blog over the last couple years. Rocky Top is a four song EP that grabs tight and doesn’t let go. Recorded brilliantly with flighty fluctuations that set it apart from the masses of similar song writers, Rocky Top managed to cloak the fidelity in a soft filmy husk that balances the delightfully abrasive production choices. These choices include a lot of field recording and room sound, false starts and common noise. The result is a record that leaves you longing for another one. Word on the Edmonton streets after Nick Everett and his band played some four or five shows in a row last last weekend is that these guys are show stoppers. I believe it. They’re coming back to the big Eazy on their way home to Halifax, playing Wunderbar on August 31st with Jom Comyn and Blair Drover. Don’t miss them. Here’s more information.

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