The Chantrelles – Ain’t Nobody/Ooh-Wee 7″

The Chantrelles are an 8-piece soul band from Victoria, BC. It is not difficult to be fooled though. I would have pegged them as Detroit, early seventies. I know so little about soul music and really can’t deconstruct music like this. It is much easier to admit that this sound will never die and when well done, as The Chantrelles have so aptly proved, it can reject the temporal sphere and enamor anyone it encounters. These recordings are so expertly handled. The talent shines through like a blinding light. I can’t get enough. Hopefully this tantalizing 7″ will pave the way to a full length recording. I only heard about The Chantrelles because they were coming to Edmonton. They arrive tomorrow for what will surely be one of the best dance parties of the summer. They’re playing with Teddy Holtby, Teapot Hill, and Mitchmatic (DJing), all of whom have been regularly covered by this humble blog. Don’t miss this show.

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