Touch & the Dirty Sample – The Fly

The inimitable dope that is Touch, one of Edmonton’s finest and most characteristic rap practitioners, returns with yet another bottomless record. This time around he’s conscripted the production of The Dirty Sample, a Vancouver beat maker with a long curriculum vitae. On The Fly you can expect to hear a buffet of sci-fi samples (Jeff Goldblum of course), some of Touch’s most addictive lyricism in years (I belittle you, my head high and I’m a little dude, I aint got a  problem admitting that I’m a little rude if it’ll prove how little you knew you didn’t have a clue—forbidden use of libel n’ hating inside of the booth…), beats that synthesize a classic underground hip hop sensibility with modern splashes of swagger, and a small constellation of Canadian rappers worth a damn jumping on tracks like ‘Mr. Smoketoomuch’, ‘Your Mind’, and ‘Stop Buggin’. It’s a dream come true. Dig it:

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