Evening Hymns – Spectral Dusk

A warm November evening, 9:30 pm, and a stone-silent audience is huddled together in Wunderbar. Jonas Bonnetta stands alone on the stage to share one last story. The band traveled to a remote cabin in Ontario to record. They holed up with The Wooden Sky and worked hard, exhausted themselves. On the final evening, a reflective mood amplified by the glow of a low fire, they poured glasses of whisky and ice, and Jonas took up his guitar to record the title song. Later, he heard the rustling of his friends and the breaking ice cubes and the crackling of the flames — the evening, the cabin, the encroaching darkness, the bodies of his friends all singing a gentle harmony.

This is the essence of folk music, that setting and place assert themselves into the record and tell these stories, give context and meaning. This is an album about Jonas’ father — a hunter, a thinker, buried near his cabin in Ontario.  And this is, in many ways, an album about Jonas’ friends, about the balance between internalized grief and loving  support. Pour yourself a glass and you will find yourself sitting on that cabin floor listening along.

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