Where did we go?


I realize this site has gone to the dogs these last couple months. Besides the two gorgeous reviews Burly Letter brought us in the last week, we’ve delivered you zero content for over six weeks. But wait! There’s a reason: the eponymous Argue Job himself has hit the books. Since beginning an academic life, I’ve neglected my former pursuits. I want badly to get this site back on its feet, if not for the site, for the corresponding radio show (mondays, 11am-1pm, cjsr 88.5, if you didn’t know now you know). But the time it takes to write thorough reviews (about an hour) is just not available anymore. I have found a loophole that might work. The content won’t be as good as before, BUT, as far as I am concerned, a post without a review is a tautology in this aptly titled generation overshare. That ‘s why we will instead be offering 140 character reviews that will hopefully both entice the reader and validate the music to some degree. There are some incredible records I’ve been anxious to share with you all. Let the floodgates open. All Canadian, all new, all independent: The Ongoing Argument goes on.

Joe “Argue Job” Gurba (it is an anagram if you didn’t know)

***UPDATE: we have since reverted to more thorough reviews, because it was a crime to try to sum up these wonderful records in so few words.

One comment

  1. Please don’t apologise. Your website does an amazing job of sifting through and curating so much good Canadian music. Soldier on.

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