The Betrayers – Treat Me Mean EP

Serial grinner Travis Sargent returns, this time with a cadre of cohorts who, from the cacophonous variety of their individual instruments and the unruly nonchalance of their collective demeanor, allow The Betrayers to expand from a bedroom recording solo nom-de-plume into a full-patch rock n’roll outfit, like a Biker gang asserting itself in a new territory. The opening title track hums along at breakneck brevity, pairing an irresistible melody to playfully masochistic lyrics while the clutter of guitars and organs threaten to explode out of the speaker. “Call Me When You’re Blue” offers a solid wave of summertime joy, punctuated by chant-along shouts, while the closing number, “Rise”,  plods along resolutely like a downbeat pop dirge. If this gang can pack this much garage rock relish into an EP, I’d love to see what they could do with a full 12 inches.

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