Jon Mick – Beard Milk

Disclosure of Bias: everyone here at Argue Job loves Jon Mick, and will love him no matter what. However, all bias aside, I can honestly say that he was, is, and will be the funniest man in Edmonton–in fact, he’s way too funny to still be here, so we’re pretty damn lucky. Judging by Beard Milk (with amazing cover art by Jill Stanton), he’s getting consistently better and better. The pacing is getting smoother and the delivery is more confident. More importantly, though, I feel that Jon is–because I love cliches–really coming into his own as an artist. He’s really getting comfortable in his own voice–and what a delightfully filthy voice it is. The balance is almost perfectly struck between off-the-cuff irreverence, lightning quick “sketches”, carefully developed narratives, hilariously harsh judgements towards his fellow man, and glimpses at his own life, skewed and magnified into unfairly (towards himself) pathetic proportions. I’ve heard this album a few times already, but when I listen to this, it still makes me laugh out loud in public. Mission accomplished, Jonny.

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