Nick Everett & Everybody – Elsethings

Anticipation for this record has been nothing short of frantic. Murmurs spread all across Edmonton after Nick Everett’s ensemble spent a solid week playing in town playing 5 or 6 shows. There was this fever of praise for how complex his arrangements were and how capable this band was. I remember someone telling me the Nick Everett outfit was like a single organism, as aware of one another as ants or bees. One listen to “Hold On” confirms. This cohort has a bottomless ability to anticipate one another. They can build up these radiating swells and then balance them with frosty drafts of white space. That said, Everett’s angelic vocals continue to be the focal point of his recordings. The arrangements themselves seem to be an organic extension of his voice. This unique ability to balance a wealth of sound on the vocal point of a needle and then make it dance is exactly what will put this album on the top of the lists for 2013. It’s a perfect addition to the snowballing  excellence of the new found Cabin Songs label. Don’t sleep on Nick Everett, this is the real thing:

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