Book of Caverns – Homes

My favourite album of 2013 so far. “Homes” could easily be lumped into a bland, all-encompassing category such as post-rock or post-hardcore or emo, but that wouldn’t give it enough credit. Let’s just say that these are eight beautiful, earnest, heart-wrenching songs which simultaneously soar and crash — the former through their intricate, interweaving, textured melodies and the latter through singer Andrew Benson’s intense, heartfelt vocals. Listen to “Hold Tight” for an example of how each component of this band complements and heightens one another, turning five seemingly off-kilter, chaotic elements into a fluid, contiguous whole. Or, listen to album standout “Champion City,” which, in its four minutes and forty-seven seconds, will make you believe that its refrain “please come home” are the most important three words Benson and company have ever sung. I can’t recommend this album enough.

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